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I have to deal with a very poorly loaded out AIX system for a development project. One thing I find missing are utilities common to Linux systems, such as those in the procps collection. Is there a convention on AIX for names or paths under which utilities common from the Linux world would be installed?

For instance, the watch in /usr/sbin/ on AIX is not the watch found on Linux systems. The Linux version runs a command periodically and keeps its most recent output on screen. The AIX version is a privileged auditing/logging tool. I want to know if there's someplace I should look for the Linux version, or if I'd need to build it for myself.

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The various GNU utilities are available for AIX, but they're generally not installed

Have a look in /opt/freeware to see what exists, and if there's not much there then start with the AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications, but you'll find that you end up having to build a few of the more common ones yourself (but GCC, GNU make, etc are included to let you do that).

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Most of those utilities will be found on any Unix variant, even if they don't use the /proc filesystem (although AIX does). Have you tried to find the ones you're looking for with one of the following?

  • type -a
  • which
  • whereis
  • whence
  • locate
  • find

Which utilities in particular are you missing?

Edit: Your tags include "watch" which should be in /usr/sbin on AIX.

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