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I am running a third party application on Windows Server 2003 and IIS. Requests to specific pages (which process a lot of data) fails with this error:

Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. 

This is most likely an issue with the software itself and I already know it should be fixed at code level, but this is up to this third party.

What I am looking for is a way of alleviating this issue by configuring IIS properly (for example: increase buffer and memory allocated for applications). I can easily upgrade the server memory if required.

Any help is welcome! Thanks!

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A Google search on the error message and 'iis' kicked this back:

For that guy, he found out from MS that IIS only supports 25 IP addresses (or fewer) on a server.

Does you server have more than 25?

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No. 1 Single IP :( – Pokot0 Jan 4 '09 at 11:11

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