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What are the advantages of aliasing a directory (in my .profile) as opposed to setting a shell variable to it (and exporting of course).

alias MY_DIR=/usr/local/data/test/


export MY_DIR
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The alias only works for commands. That is, the shell will check argv[0] for aliases, it will check every part of argv for sigiled variables (like $MY_DIR). A visual demonstration:

g3 0 /home/jj33 > alias FOO=bar
g3 0 /home/jj33 > FOO
-ksh: bar: not found
g3 127 /home/jj33 > echo FOO
g3 0 /home/jj33 > BAZ=bar
g3 0 /home/jj33 > $BAZ
-ksh: bar: not found
g3 127 /home/jj33 > echo $BAZ
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