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What approach would you take to build a massive storage, using multiple PC's running Linux OS?

The recipe I would like to use sounds like this: take 10 PCs equipped with six 2TB disks, install your favorite flavor of *NIX OS on each PC, configure some sort of DFS software and finally share the created storage (as UNC) with your friends and colleagues.

There seems to be quite a few solutions providing most of the features one would want, except UNC sharing.

Any suggestions?


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By UNC sharing do you mean CIFS?

The solution that comes to mind is AFS, Andrew File System. It works in a mixed environment. Most of the cluster solutions like gluster or lustre are Linux only and require a server setup to share the data via CIFS using SAMBA.

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I should also mention that Samba does support Microsoft's DFS. – 3dinfluence Oct 1 '09 at 15:05

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