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I'm running Ubuntu Intrepid with Apache2. I was installing php5-cli, and after it was installed apache wouldnt restart. i get no errors it just tells me [OK]. htop, top, and ps -aux arent returning any apache processes. any ideas?

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Do you see anything recorded in the relevant log files?

Usually in /var/log/apache2

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nothing in any of the log files. that would indicate an error. – cpara Oct 1 '09 at 18:35
found the actual log file. whoever set this server up before put the error.log in a different location.... eaccelerator was pulling errors saying it needed to be rebuilt. rebuilt it and restarted apache. everythings fine. – cpara Oct 1 '09 at 19:45

Are you looking for 'apache' or are you looking for 'httpd'? httpd is the actual Apache server process.

Something like: ps ax | grep http should show you if there is any running Apache processes.

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when i run ps aux | grep http: centro 5816 0.0 0.2 6236 648 pts/0 R+ 18:29 0:00 grep http nothing more than the grep. – cpara Oct 1 '09 at 18:34

Try running a service httpd stop, then a start and grep for the service. Does anything show up then?

Also try a tail -f on /var/log/messagse and see what the system says when you perform any of the start/stop/restart commands.

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the problem that i found when something like this happens is apache unable to write a log file and it usually hiccups there, so make sure all of your logs path are correct

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