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Fairly straightforward question. I need to update my PATH environment variable in Windows Server 2008 Core. Considering there's no GUI, how is this done from the command line?

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from the Mueller book Administering Windows Server 2008 core - use WMIC

WMIC Environment Where Name="Path" SET VariableValue="C:\Temp;%PATH%

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To make persistent changes use setx.

For example, to add a folder to the end of the current path, use:

SETX Path %Path%;C:\MyFolder

Your change won't be visible in the current cmd.exe session, but it will be in all future ones.

SETX also allows setting system environment variables on remote systems.

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Add /M to set a system wide environment variable. The default behaviour is to set a variable in the current user environment. – TimT May 31 '13 at 13:53

As it has always been done since DOS times:

SET PATH = C:\SomeDir
SET PATH = %PATH%;C:\AnotherDir
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These changes will not persist after the current process exits. – Richard Oct 2 '09 at 8:25

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