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I'm trying to deploy a multi node openstack configuration using three physical nodes running SUSE Enterprise 11 SP3.(Controller, compute-1 and compute-2). I created a private network ( using a basic home-grade router(TP-LINK Model no:TL-WR740N) connecting these nodes. Will I have any issue running openstack network on this router ?

Will I have any issues in neutron networking ? i.e VLANs and GRE tunneling issues etc with this router.

Does GRE tunneling require VLAN support on the physical router ?

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Why not? You can treat it as a basic layer 3 switch, provided you got rid of the factory firmware and used something like OpenWrt. But since it's only a 100Mbit switch your performance will be terrible. –  Michael Hampton Jul 16 at 4:12
Thank you. I will be using this setup for experimental purpose only not in production. Will OEM firmware have issues with openstack networking ? –  PrabAsh Jul 16 at 9:44

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