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I recently added a alias and virtualhost to apache on my development machine. Today I stumbled across a website under the domain This domain showed my localhost homepage (It's pretty distinctive...) Is there any way this was/can be done with a normal tld? My hosts file doesn't mention any website as such as an alias... I also checked and it is a valid domain (using whois), and even under curl I couldn't find a redirect or such... Curl also returned my localhost's apache headers... not another server's headers or a redirect. Any ideas?

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The hostname is mapped to IP address in their DNS. is usually interpreted as the "default network", and in your case that's why you're getting sent to localhost.

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OK, thanks, that's what I was guessing, but I wasn't sure how... Most people probably would get a page not found error, because they have localhost:80 as nothing typically... – CodeJoust Sep 28 '09 at 18:18 resolves as

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