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I'm looking for a script/some software that I can put on/as a website where users can upload files, which can then be downloaded by other users and people. Does anyone have any suggestions for any free software that can do that?


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There have been numerous scripts published that fit your description. Why not do a little Googling before asking such a question? –  John Gardeniers Oct 19 '09 at 10:13

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Not sure if this will work for your needs, but check out this simple php script that I used to used years and years ago. Amazingly the guy is still around.


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Have you looked something like joomla or moodle ? They have lots of plugins and i'm sure that some of them fit you.


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I agree with previous answer by Adrian Perez, Joomla + PhocaDownload is what you need. Of course, this is NOT a script but a complete site. Anyway, you can install it in a subfolder of your main site and use it just for the upload / download section.

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We provided this functionality with drupal and one of the modules.

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