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I help out at an after school project and we are trying to ban a certain group from

They are (or can be) in a specific Active Directory group and we are running Windows Server 2003.

ISA Server costs around $1600, which is probably a bit much for the current budget. Does anyone know of an alternative that will let us filter sites by AD groups?

Thanks in advance, Chris

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You could use the good old well known Squid proxy for this.

Here is just one howto with config examples. Google will give you a lot more in no-time.


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You might look at Untangle. You would have to purchase Active Directory integration, but it's not expensive. You'd also need a spare box to throw it it basically becomes your edge router. It'll do firewall, web filtering, virus scanning, etc out of the box.

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use a router which support URL filtering. Draytek is a good low cost example.

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