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I ultimately wish to run a FreeBSD virtual machine on my Vista computer to act as a server so I can test several projects. Im getting the FreeBSD vm set up with apache, php etc but how do I connnect to the vm from my computer? How do I configure/find the ip address I need to connect to?

I am using VMWare.


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if you did not choose static ip for the guest machine, it will be obtained via dhcp; if you have only one virtual machine, the ip will be always the same

on the bsd console type

route get

to see the ip address and the default gateway

you can "see" the vm by its ip address you found above

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the IP will always be the same? If it's bridged to the host network, and you turn off the VM for >DHPC-lease-time, another device can get that address from the DHCP server – warren Oct 6 '09 at 12:38
the most usual setting is NAT - therefore the address will be the same for only one vm; this is the prerequisite I built my answer from - a NAT-ed interface – petre Oct 6 '09 at 15:16

VMWare is configured by default to bridge the Ethernet of the guest O/S with the host, with a private DHCP server. You can run the configuration utility to change this. When bridging the client O/S to the LAN, it is polite to turn OFF the DHCP server, or an angry SysAdmin will track you down.

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