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We have recently set up a DR site for our Oracle 11g database server at a remote location as a standby database.

How do I verify that the archive logs are being applied to the standby database and what is the last one thats been applied?

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Check out these links from the 11g Data Guard Concepts and Administration (you don't need Data Guard to be configured for these to be useful):

3.2.7 Verify the Physical Standby Database Is Performing Properly or 4.2.6 Verify the Logical Standby Database Is Performing Properly.

If you have Grid Control, it's even easier. There's a link under Maintenance that allows you to maintain your Data Guard configuration, including a graphical display of transport and apply lag times, last log received/applied, and other goodies.

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You can use the following query on the Primary database

select max(sequence) from V$archived_log;

and on the standby database

select max(sequence) from V$log_history;

If the result is same it means your standby database is in sync with the primary database.

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