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I have a couple of XServes running 10.5.6 and both of them have emond running at 100%. If the servers are rebooted emond will not immediately consume 100%, but it will eventually.

I haven't seen anything unusual in the logs, does anyone have any suggestions ?

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I'd recommend looking at the configuration files to see what you have set up:

1) Check /etc/emond.d/rules, and /etc/emond.d/emond.plist

In the plist you can turn the debug on, and then check the apropriate logs at /Library/Logs/EventMonitor/EventMonitor.event.log

2) Alternatively you can run sudo fs_usage emond to take a look at just what files emond is accessing in real time.

3) If you want to disable emond to see what breaks when you turn it off run sudo launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

Oddly the best documentation I've ever seen on emond is on a thread at from late 2007 to do with Leopard Server.

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