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Hi Im attmepting to import a 100+MB sql file, I guess I need to do it by command line as phpmyadmin times out.

Any tips appreciated, thanks.

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It's usually better to do imports via the command line

# mysql -h host -u user -p database < dump.sql
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+1 for beating me to the punch – Charles Hooper Oct 7 '09 at 14:02
  1. Upload the file to the server

  2. Create the database (you can still do this in phpMyAdmin) and assign privileges to a user, let's call this database "dbexample" and the user "dbuser"

  3. Import the SQL dump:

    mysql -u dbuser -p dbexample < your_file.sql

You will be prompted for the password when you enter this command.

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I would add the "--compress" option if you choose not to upload the file to your server.

mysql --compress -h host -u user -p database < dump.sql
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