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We currently have a RDS 2012R2 Farm which consists of 1 Gateway, 2 Brokers in HA, and 3 Session Hosts. The company is expanding to move more and more users to RDS infrastructure.

We have put in place a seperate RDS 2012R2 Farm - which is designed to run all their apps. This will contain 2-3 servers each with the client apps installed. We want to present these as remote apps to the Session Host Farm.

Although this works - users can browse via the website, or manually enter the URL Feed to the Remote Connections Applet in Control Panel - we cannot get the file associations working. On top of this, the group policy in 2012 to roll out the URL Feed to users just doesn't work, though you can add it manually as the user.

Anyone with experience with this - how can I get the file associations working, and why isn't the group policy applying?

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