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I recently purchased a TurboSSL from GoDaddy. In Firefox, the address bar goes blue for a second, but then goes back to white. Is that because some images are coming from http:// and not https:// or is GoDaddy not supported with Firefox to actually be blue?

If GoDaddy doesn't work, what SSL providers have certs that will turn blue (preferably a cheap one)?

My other option would be the $150 Startcom EV cert to get the address bar green.

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It goes blue on my domains where I use a Godaddy cert.

I am pretty sure it is the non-secure elements on your page. You could setup a test page on your site with no links to anything else to test.

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I found a page that had no forms or anything, and using https:// made the bar go blue and stay blue. – SJaguar13 Oct 7 '09 at 16:35

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