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Apple's Boot Camp allows you to run a Windows client OS on Apple hardware. Has anyone had success in running a Windows Server OS natively on Apple's Xserve hardware?

Does anyone know if Boot Camp updates coming in Snow Leopard will support this?

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I'm curious why you would even want to. For the price of a base model Xserve, you could buy 2 Dell PowerEdge R200 boxes with almost identical specs. Buy an Xserve if you want to run OSX Server. Otherwise, save your money and buy a PC server that was designed to run Windows or Linux. – Ryan Bolger Sep 11 '09 at 21:20
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Boot Camp is not supported on Xserves:

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If you want to run windows on on xserve the recommended solution as far as I am aware is to run Parallels or VMWare and run a virtual windows server inside OS X server.

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Parallels now has a product that allows you to create a virtual Windows 2008 or 2003 server on your Xserve.

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