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We are about to start using a proxy.pac file in our environment. It will be a very simple file with most traffic going to the proxy but a handfull of sites going direct (where they are hosted internally etc).

We have a couple of sites that need adding to go direct, but only on specific ports. By this i mean - Through Proxy - Go direct

Anyone able to suggest how I do this, as I cant even get it to work with the in url option.


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This seems to work fine for me:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {

    if ( shExpMatch(url, "*") ) { return "DIRECT"; }

    return "PROXY proxy:port";

BTW, you can use alert() for debugging, at least under IE. It's crappy, but it at least gets you some insight into what the script is doing. Obviously, remove them before going into production.

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Why not set up an internal proxy to proxy etc with a virtualhost and add that to the proxy.pac ?

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