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Does any know (with authority) of a OSX 10.5 Finder-friendly WebDAV server?

I setup lighttpd with the *mod_webdav* on my Ubuntu 9.04 box, but PUTs are not working. I'd rather not rotate through all the various options...


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The OS X finder uses a very large range of webdav features, including the only example of chunked PUTs. The only server i've found that works well is Apache mod_dav. We use it heavily against Leopard and Maven.

Assid from lighttpd there is also a webdav module for nginx, but it doesn't work at all for properties, and can't do chunked PUTs.

Apple have also released their calender server, which uses CalDAV extentions, so it should work against the finder. I haven't used that product, so can't vouch for it as a general webdav server.

When looking for compatible options you should check out the following projects


Just today was I tracking down problem with Mac uploads. Turned out that Mac not only uses chunked encoding when doing PUT (all other clients I checked send Content-Length instead), but it also specifies "Transfer-Encoding: Chunked" with capital C, instead of "chunked", and mod_proxy doesn't like that.

Seems that lighthttpd also doesn't like chunked transfer encodings on PUTs.

We use Tomcat + Apache Jackrabbit Webdav library on server side, and Mac Finder works fine with it.

Even though rfc2616 defines a single transfer-coding value, "chunked". The following line states that "All transfer coding values are case-insensitive", – Dave Cheney May 17 '09 at 13:20

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