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I have this in my /usr/local/: memcached

When I do this, it will not start: ./memcached -d -u root -m 3900 -p 11211 ./memcached: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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While I'm sure there is a distribution-native package of memcached for your release available: You need to inform the dynamic linker of the location of shared libraries.

To do so drop your libevent into one of the paths configured in /etc/ (Prefer /usr/local/lib!) while making sure that you don't overwrite an existing version. If you did that, run ldconfig, and verify your library is known to the runtime linker by running ldconfig -p | grep libevent. After that, drop your memcached into /usr/local/bin/ and try running it again.

If that fails, do a ldd /usr/local/bin/memcached and update your question with the results.

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As it says, you have to have the shared libevent library on the machine, and where the program can find it.

These instructions also details how to get & compile the event library, and then have it installed properly where it can be found. Depending on the platform, it may also be installable via the usual package manager.

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