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I have a script which I can successfully schedule using on OSX Leopard as follows :-

launchctl load -w -S Aqua com.floehopper.script

Apparently I need the Aqua session type because the script accesses the keychain using the SecKeychainFindGenericPassword function. If I don't set the session type to Aqua, I get a errSecInteractionNotAllowed "Interaction with the Security Server is not allowed" error (-25308).

However, I also want to schedule the script on OSX Tiger, but the session type -S option is not available for launchctl.

I've tried calling the SecKeychainSetUserInteractionAllowed function with the state parameter set to false, but then I end up with a errSecAuthFailed "Authorization/Authentication failed" error (-25293).

Does anyone have any ideas how I might get this working on OSX Tiger?

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