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I need some custom filters for Apache, so I wrote a mod_perl module MyFilter and put this in /etc/httpd. However, 24 hours later, cpanel seems to remove all 'unkown' directories from /etc/httpd. How do I prevent this from happening?


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I received the answer from cpanel support;

You could create the directory in /usr/local/"your directory", then create a symlink as follows.

mkdir /usr/local/MyFilter
ln -s /usr/local/MyFilter /usr/local/apache/MyFilter
chmod 755 /usr/local/MyFilter

Then create the hook script /scripts/posteasyapache with a bash command inside it to recreate the above symlink anytime Apache is rebuilt. Then set the posteasyapache script executable "chmod +x /scripts/posteasyapache"

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Try adding it to /usr/local/apache ?

Also, where did you put the config includes? The proper place is /usr/local/apache/conf/include/ files. For example, in /usr/local/apache/conf/include/pre_main_2.conf

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