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I want to have my external keyboard's HOME, END, PAGEDOWN and PAGEUP Working on Leopard's Terminal. So that I changed in Terminal > File > Preferences:

Home: \033[H  
End: \033[F  
PageUp: \033[5~  
PageDown: \033[6~

It works 100% in command line - but it doesn't work while editing files in VIM.
Is there any possibility of remapping VIM keyboard in order to have these keys working?


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Should be SuperUser? – wfaulk Oct 9 '09 at 17:48
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If, according to the question, you already know the mappings, then it's easy..

Home: \033[H  
End: \033[F  
PageUp: \033[5~  
PageDown: \033[6~

Just edit ~/.vimrc and add:

map <Esc>[H <Home>
imap <Esc>[H <Home>
map <Esc>[F <End>
imap <Esc>[F <End>
map <Esc>[5~ <PageUp>
imap <Esc>[5~ <PageUp>
map <Esc>[6~ <PageDown>
imap <Esc>[6~ <PageDown>
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:imap <C-k><Home> <Home>
:map <C-k><Home> <Home>

-- actually hitting control-k and your home key for both, to enter what vim reads from your home key, then typing the second <Home>. And so on for the other bindings. See :help :map and :help <>.

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How can I permanently save such modifications in my vi configuration? – jbastos Oct 10 '09 at 13:11
In my case, I prefer hitting control-v instead of control-k . – jbastos Oct 10 '09 at 14:24
C-v is what I'm used to, and tried, but gvim binds it differently on windows. C-k is advertised to do the same for 'special keys'. – ayrnieu Oct 10 '09 at 14:42

I have permanently solved it.

In my case, I have mapped it in vim:

:imap <C-v><Home> <Home>
:map <C-v><Home> <Home>

-- actually hitting control-v and your home key for both, to enter what vim reads from my home key, then typing the second .

It works, but it lasts only for the current session.
So, I just type the following command, followed by <Enter>


Then I get the mappings

<Esc>[H <Home>

Now, I just add it to my ~/.vimrc file:

map <Esc>[H <Home>
imap <Esc>[H <Home>

now it is remapped to all vim sessions of my user.

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reference: – jbastos Oct 10 '09 at 14:34

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