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As we have some PC's still running Windows 2000 and this is beyond our control we use IE 6 so we can keep the IE platform standard. Recently on some XP and Win2000 PCs IE has been crashing with the Encountered a Problem and Needs to close do you want to send a message to Microsoft error when entering some sites. This happens even after a format reinstall with minimal software load (Office 2000, some avaya software, kaspersky, tapiex.dll). The module pointed to in the error report is ntl.dll. There are lots of reports over the net of the problem but has anyone resolved this issue? (Latest IE6 updates are installed). Also please note there were no 3rd party IE addons, spyware, viruses or adware

Hope someone can help.

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Is their any one piece of software that your end users are running at the time explorer crashes ? –  JJ01 Oct 10 '09 at 3:45
Kaspersky, avaya tapi driver is installed, on removing each individually its the same –  Gary B2312321321 Oct 13 '09 at 22:58
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