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from django.core.cache import cache
    def testcache():
        cache.set('test','I am putting this message in',3333)
        print cache.get('test')

It just prints "None"

This is in "ps aux":

dovr      2241  0.0  0.8  57824  2144 ?        Ssl  04:20   0:00 memcached -d -u root -m 3900 -p 11211
dovr      2247  0.0  3.7  83696  9800 pts/2    S+   04:20   0:00 python runserver

And this is in my

CACHE_BACKEND = 'memcached://MYIPADRESS:11211/'

By the way, it worked before, but not anymore! I don't know why. So weird.

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Some questions:

  • Is your memcache server configured to listen on your public ip address or does it only listen on localhost?
  • Is MYIPADDRESS local or public?

In case MYIPADDRESS is a public one and your server only listens on this doesn't work. You'd need to make your server listen on to listen on all interfaces.

More questions:

  • How did you install memcached? Which OS / distro?
  • What's the memcache library you're using? memcache? cmemcached? cmemcache? pylibmc? There are many out there...
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