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When I go to Account Functions >> Modify an Account, I can't change the user name. I get this error message:

Account Not Modified Shell already set to /bin/bash Error.. There is currently a configuration error in the Apache configuration file. User name change aborted. Account modification aborted, there was a problem changing the user name.**

My user name uses only 7 lowercase letter characters so I don't think that's the problem.

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Firstly, check the syntax of the apache file with the following command: /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -t

You can either fix these manually, or preferably, rebuild your configuration using cPanel's tool. Using cpanel's method, backup your httpd.conf, and run /scripts/rebuildhttpconf

Then check the syntax again and try your change if that resolved the issue.

Please note if you've been making manual changes to the httpd.conf without using cPanel's tools or templating systems, before trying anything, backup your httpd.conf. If you're on cPanel 11 and havent' been modifying things using cPanel's tools, it will overwrite your changes and you could lose all your configuration data for apache.

If rebuiding the apache configuration didn't fix the issue, I would check the logs for cPanel, the error log is located here:


Be careful not to restart the cPanel service, or try your change again to make sure its in the logs, as restarting cPanel wipes out the error_log (one of a thousand /facepalms you run into with cPanel).

Failing anything specific there, I've not seen that specific error, but there are some steps you can take to hopefully 'voodoo' cpanel into fixing it, including running /scripts/rebuildcpusers, followed by /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf.

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