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I'm running Apache on a Mac, and all of the sudden http://localhost results in Apache's HTDOCS folder, while for some time now it correctly referred to my Sites folder.

Running apachectl -D DUMP_HOSTS yields:

(13)Permission denied: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:80
(13)Permission denied: make_sock: could not bind to address
no listening sockets available, shutting down
Unable to open logs

Some HTTPD.CONF settings:

Listen 80

DocumentRoot "/Users/[username]/Sites"

<VirtualHost *>
    DocumentRoot "/Users/[username]/Sites"
    ServerName localhost


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Strange. Do you maybe have two instances of httpd running? Try shutting down all instances (check with ps or similar they are all gone), then restart, then check again.

Is it possible an upgrade replaced your httpd with a new version that reads a different httpd.conf?

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Good lead! Can you please direct me to the command you suggested? – konzepz Oct 12 '09 at 10:41
ps -lax should do it. As for restarting apache on Mac OS, just check your documentation. – sleske Oct 12 '09 at 11:16
"/usr/sbin/httpd -D FOREGROUND" is showed 4 times. Is that it? – konzepz Oct 12 '09 at 11:24
Also "opt/local/apache2/bin/httpd -k start" -- 6 times. – konzepz Oct 12 '09 at 11:25

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