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I currently possess a MCP certification. I was wondering do the terms and conditions allow the MCP logo to be used in a Newspaper advertisement?

I have looked at the guidelines document from Microsoft (https://www.certificationlogobuilder.com/downloads/MCP_LogoUsage.pdf)

The document states that the logo can be used for business cards, email signatures, websites and marketing materials, does a printed advert in a newspaper come under marketing materials?

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Yes, it does count as marketing materials. But what you are seeing are most likely the Microsoft Certified and Gold Partner logos in ads, not MCP.


Microsoft Certified Partner Logo

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Logo

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Ive seen the partner logos on adverts just wanted to know if the same applied to MCP certifications. Im just a one man shop and wanted to make sure that I wasnt breaking the logo rules. Do you know if there is anything offial from Microsoft on the subject? –  Sean Taylor Oct 12 '09 at 20:01
Marketing is marketing, be it a flier or newspaper ad. You can always email the MCP team (mcp@microsoft.com) to get the final word. –  mrdenny Oct 13 '09 at 0:15

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