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Can anyone recommend a Firewire 800 card compatible with the usual 32-bit PCI, or PCI Express slots found in most machines? I have only found a card compatible with PCI-64.

I also found a Belkin PCI-Express card with horrible reviews, which I am hence looking to avoid.

Must be compatible with Windows Server 2k3.


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up vote 2 down vote accepted - PCI - PCIe

Get the PCIe card if you can. Much faster.

For servers, I generally wouldn't go with SIIG right off the bat because it's more of a consumer level device. I'd look to Adaptec, LSI, or ATTO for server class expansion cards, however I wasn't able to find anything from them but didn't search extensively. Google is your friend :). The problem is, FireWire is also targeted towards consumer level, so finding a "server class" card could be difficult.

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thanks very much – Ben Oct 13 '09 at 12:52

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