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I have 2 directories each with a .htaccess file:

html/.htaccess - There is a rewrite in this file to send almost everything to url.php

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !(exported/?|\.(php|gif|jpe?g|png|css|js|pdf|doc|xml|ico))$
RewriteRule (.*)$ /url.php [L]

and html/exported/.htaccess

AuthType Basic
AuthName "exported"
AuthUserFile "/home/siteuser/.htpasswd"
require valid-user

If I remove html/exported/.htaccess the rewriting works fine and the exported directory can be access. If I remove html/.htaccess the authentication works fine.

However when I have both .htaccess files exported/ is being rewritten to /url.php. Any ideas how I can prevent it?

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As I answered here, I've solved this by simply creating an 401.html file for 401 errors.

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in html/exported/.htaccess

RewriteEngine off
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well if that doesn't win the thread necropsy award. Where was the latest activity? – karmawhore Jun 30 '10 at 5:09

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