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Trying to get the equivalent of ulimit -n 20000 on a high load web server, however the /etc/security/limits.conf on ubuntu hardy doesn't seem to stick.

here is what I set in the config file.

root             soft    nofile         20000
root             hard    nofile         20000
www-data             soft    nofile         20000
www-data             hard    nofile         20000

I also tried

*             soft    nofile         20000
*             hard    nofile         20000

after rebooting, when i run ulimit -n on root, or www-data or my regular user i still see the default 1024.

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You may have to uncomment from the different files under /etc/pam.d (cron, su, sudo, sshd, login)

session    required
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thanks! that worked. – Brandon Helwig Oct 13 '09 at 6:15

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