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I am doing a DRP test on Exchange 2007 running on Windows 64BIT SP2. I am faced with a problem - When restoring the edb files and logs I get error Connection to restore target has been lost. I am using backup exec 12. I have pushed the Windows remote agent from the backup server. I have full admin rights to the new exchange server. I have checked the drive partitions. Kindly assist.

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There are a number of possible issues here.

  • Are the servers that same names
  • Is the Exchange Organization name the same
  • Are the databases in the same location,
  • If not are you restoring to an alternative location
  • Are all the Exchange Services running.
  • Have you dismounted the databases?
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Ignoring the possible Backup Exec issues, you should not be directly backing up the EDB and LOG files unless the existing database had been dismounted on the previous server.

I would recommend reading the Exchange 2007 DR on TechNet regarding this topic.

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