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Can anyone recommend a good URL rewriting tool for IIS on windows server 2003.

I'm a LAMP head, so not sure what to go for.


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We use IIS Mod-Rewrite. It's not free but it works like a charm. The syntax is the same as that used by Apache's mod_rewrite which flattens the learning curve somewhat.

I know you said IIS6, but for completeness' sake it's worth mentioning that IIS7 has native URL rewriting capabilities, although it's not clear whether it uses Apache's syntax.

Cool. Do you need to do a restart of IIS? – madphp Oct 14 '09 at 8:04
I'm not 100% sure. Every time I've installed it it's been on a box that isn't in production yet so I usually do restart IIS. You can test it on a non-production box, even on XP. – ThatGraemeGuy Oct 14 '09 at 8:40

IIRF works well. Free. Works on IIS6 and 7.

Easy to install and get up running quickly. Includes a helpfile. Lots of examples.

alt text


ISAPI Rewrite ( is another great option. Performs very well and gives you all the flexibility that you need. A manual install at the site level doesn't require a restart of IIS.


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