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We are launching a new website and we are sending the registration mail to users upon registration to activate their account. While testing we observe that our mails are landing in the spam folder of Yahoo and Gmail. This mail is a HTML mail and we have followed almost all guidelines regarding font-size, color, risky words, etc. Even Non-HTML also lands in the spam folder.

We have also set our SPF record and reverse DNS correctly.

Can someone guide as to what can be wrong because of which our mail consistently lands in SPAM folder of at least Yahoo and Gmail


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Have a look at… – Paul Tomblin Oct 14 '09 at 16:14

Without a sample or more details being able to give any advice will be purely speculation. I've designed websites that send out registration activation emails and have not experienced this problem, so my guess is either in the content or construct of the message but without further details I can't elaborate.

If you're sending the email as text/html are you including a text/plain portion as well?

Another possible difference between your experience and mine was that along with SPF and DNS records being setup and correct, I also had DomainKeys and DKIM signatures on my outgoing email as well for verification.

+1 for DomainKeys, Yahoo requires them – Josh Oct 15 '09 at 12:05