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Server slow, lost connection to network printer and users who log off take 30 minutes before the login windows appears (installing some net agent?!?)

I rebooted the windows 2003 Server and everything came back on.


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How long was it between your last reboots? Check your logs for any issues that might have come up.

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in event viewer / applications I had the error: Failed to load Terminal Server Profile path. Note that the profile path must be less than 256 characters in length. User Name: administrator Domain: ICTO followed by: Unexpected error <<0xc1050000 - Network problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer. An unexpected, unknown error has occurred. Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store ID no: 80040115-0514-000006bf>> occurred. on msexchangesa – user8077 Oct 15 '09 at 9:07
Last reboot was about 4 months ago – user8077 Oct 15 '09 at 9:07

Can you check the event logs on your domain controller? Maybe you are having some authentication issues.

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I am having the same exact issue from PCs with Vista or XP connecting to Windows server 2003 via Remote Desktop. I reboot the server every day. It started recently; must be some windows update that caused this. When I reboot the problem is fixed until a few hours later when it happens again.

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