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i have some linksys srw 2024 switches. id like to know which device(s) is connected to which switch(port).

how could this be done...?

the best would be a tool that scans a ip range, sees the switches and gives me a graphical representation of the network.

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Obvious question, but that appears to be a managed switch with a web UI - have you looked in there? – pjc50 Oct 15 '09 at 12:55
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If the switch's web interface doesn't provide this feature, and you want to do things on the console, Randy's host-side nmap and arp commands will get you started. Here's the next step.

First, get to a useful switch console instead of the default menu following these instructions (this is the stripped-down version; see the post for more details):

  1. Connect to the device (telnet, SSH) and login.
  2. When you get to the main menu, press Ctrl-Z. This should get you to a > prompt.
  3. Launch the lcli application. Login again.
  4. From here you have a Cisco-ish style console.

The linked post indicates the lcli app does vary a bit from the "Cisco method", but not too much. To get the arp table, you'll want to get into enable mode, and run:

Router#show arp
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I didn't know about lcli, that's a great tip! – Nic Oct 20 '09 at 8:20

Use nmap's ping sweeper to get the IP address of each machine:

(assuming your LAN is

nmap -sP

As for mac address, you can use arp to get that per host:


As for the switch port connection, you're going to have to get to your switch console or interface to show the arp table for that switch.

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