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Is HP-MSA-2040 suitable for SVOD service with around 100 Terabyte of real time data short term and 1 petabyte long term? what kind of disk is recommended for the SAN?(considering throughput and size) SSD or SAS HDD (the file sizes are around 3 and 3.5 gigabyte) system has around 900.000 subscribers in long term but for now is has 20.000 subscribers.

security and upgrade ability along with FC is important.

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I would not recommend that product for the scale and capacity you're seeing.

Performance would be fine, but the HP MSA2040 is a low-end SAN. It's better to step up to a more purpose-built solution that starts closer to your desired capacity.

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what kind of SAN do you suggest? – hsp Jan 9 at 13:41
@hsp my job for the last decade has been building VOD platforms - generally speaking you can't just buy a single product and expect it to do everything you need - you need experience of your user base and a better understanding of the impact they have on your IO requirements. Our team is around 100 but we support about 4m users so don't assume you can do all of this on your own. We use a combination of HPE 3Par and NetApp FAS8000 series boxes to actually hold our content then use Brocade Steelapp/VTM to cache what we can. Basically it's not easy and the 2040 is good but low-end. – Chopper3 Jan 9 at 14:56
@hsp what is your budget? – ewwhite Jan 9 at 16:16
Except I have resources and know how to work the system :) But I'd probably be looking at Nimnle storage, EMC, Netapp... Depending on budget, performance profile and expansion needs. – ewwhite Jan 9 at 19:31
@hsp are you only on the hook for the storage side of this or for the web front end and security/network too? where are you in the world? perhaps we could do a quick skype call or similar? – Chopper3 Jan 9 at 20:16

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