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I have a domain and hosting. Say And I have domain. I want to use the hosting space of Can I do something that I create directory with the name domainB on the / root directory of And map my with domainB directory.

Like both fetches same result: --> redirects to domainA hosting

Any suggestions on it?


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Please provide more details about what time of hosting this is. Is this shared web hosting, a shared host, a dedicated server, etc... – emills Oct 15 '09 at 21:09
I didnt purchased a server. So I think its a shared hosting. – Tahir Akram Oct 15 '09 at 21:22

there're lots lots of ways doing this. depends on what's (hosting, server, os) you're on and what exactly you want to.

example, for cpanel you can do this:

or on apache/vps just use vhost, etc. etc..

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Not much detail to go on here, but why not just create DNS records (A or CNAME) that point both domains to the same web server ip address and add host headers to your web site for both domains?

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What you are asking for is certainly possible, and the most cost-effective solution that will work with almost any paid hosting solution you may currently have (no matter how cheap) is often called "Domain Cloaking". This is where pages are served from a resizable frame the size of the browser window, and is a feature offered for free by most domain registrars.

All other solutions which would be a lot more effective and would not lock your secondary site in a frame would all have additional requirements (e.g. a dedicated ip address and the ability to configure additional host-headers) which would probably increase the cost of your original site to the point that you might as well simply purchase a second hosted website with a budget-friendly provider (e.g. GoDaddy) to serve your second site for less than the cost of a single trip to your favorite caffeinated beverage establishment.

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