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Lot's of time I have received call form Developers/QA to Power on their office machine. And I am trying to do R&D on this, Searched over the internet and trying to use the suggested tool in LAN Network, but still not success.

Wake-on-LAN Option enabled in BIOS

Wake on magic packet enabled from Windows Device Manager =>Network Device => Properties => Advanced tab.

Is there any DOS or Bash Script can i use to turn on the remote office machine (Linux/MAC/Windows) over the LAN (WAN-Static IP).

Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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If I understood correctly you are looking for "Wake on LAN", which is supported by DELL Optiplex systems (at least in principle).

  • Enable "Wake on LAN" in the BIOS of the target.
  • Disable "Deep Sleep" in the BIOS of the target.
  • On your "other" Computer (assuming it is in the same LAN) install wakeonlan. This tool can send "magic packets" to the target.
  • Now create a file (lets call it optiplex.wol) in your home directory with just MAC address of the Optiplex (like 54:04:a6:a0:90:a1) as content.
  • Type wakeonlan -f optiplex.wol - the machine should start within seconds
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Yes Correct ! let me try on this. – Ramesh Chand Jan 16 at 11:28
On a side note: if your developers ask this on a daily basis and around the same time, you might benefit from doing more than just WoL and configuring the BIOS itself to start the computer at a certain time. I used to have this configured in my Asus P8P67. Not sure if Optiplex supports it though. And if the support isn't there, or not accurate enough, you can always set the script to autostart. Also, I can't find any mention in the question of Optiplex, so why do you assume that they're using one? – Nzall Jan 16 at 16:09

On your Linux machine, simply issue wol <MAC> For other options, give a look at wol manpage

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On Ubuntu: wol command Not Found I Just hit wakeonlan The program 'wakeonlan' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: apt-get install wakeonlan – Ramesh Chand Jan 16 at 11:22

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