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Do you know any special software for monitoring BGP peers, prefixes, log their failures, prefixes amount and etc? (Cisco)

( Not zabbix, nagios and etc, i know that you can write plugins or work with snmp, but I am searching for already written software )


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Likewise, we monitor..

  • Prefixes received by our speakers to a given threshold.
  • Externally observed abnormalities: IS Alarms (was MyASN), BGPmon, Renesys.

SNMP is a really easy implemention for the former and probably the right road to go down.

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"BGP monitoring and analyzer tool"


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Yes, a very good tool but I do not think it addresses the OP problem. – bortzmeyer Oct 23 '09 at 14:58

Sadly, all we did was write a Nagios SNMP plugin to check BGP peers were up and that they were advertising the number of routes we were expecting by checking it was between a high and low number (about ±10% of the advertised routes at the time we wrote the check).

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