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RichCopy looks to be a great tool with some features that RoboCopy lacks. I'm trying to use it to back up media on a Home Media Server project I'm working on so I need to be able to run it from command line and without any visual impact. I'm fairly surprised that this is not a common requirement and it looks like the developers have not provided for this. Has anyone who has used RichCopy found a way to run it quiet? Maybe I could force it to appear offscreen, but I'd rather not go that route.

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I have managed to run RichCopy in a very very very small window (just the size of the control boxes) by amending the registry "Frame" btye.


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You could use PSExec to have the RichCopy run in the background. That's what I'm doing so I can execute a bunch of long-running RichCopy jobs on remote servers without hogging up RDP sessions. You may also be able to set up an AutoHotKey script to hide the RichCopy GUI and splash screen.

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Can I ask what options you are using for PSExec? I've tried the -i (interactive) with and without the <session> and -d (don't wait /non-interactive) without success. – paulkmoore May 29 '14 at 11:57

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