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Is there any Windows command which will show the status of a single service?

For example, I want to know whether "IIS admin service" is running or not. If it is running the command ouput should be "running".

I tried sc query type= service state= all | find "IIS Admin Service" which displayed the output:

"DISPLAY_NAME: IIS Admin Service"

I also tried net start "IIS Admin Service" | find "Running" which displays:

The requested service has already been started.

More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2182.

But it doesn't give me an output such as

"service name" = running / disabled / stopped

Is there a command which has output in this format?

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You can use Powershell thus:

Get-Service -name 'IIS Admin Service'

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Use the service name and not the display name

sc query iisadmin

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This is the way I do it. You may need to look at the Properties for the Service in the Services console (Or just do sc query to get the list of them all and find the one you want) – Taegost Feb 8 at 17:42
The command which you gave worked for me thanks a lot – vikas Feb 9 at 12:34

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