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Okay I am kind of desperate here. I took a simple backup of my RedHat EL 5 install DVD and now that backup DVD refuses to boot .. Some googling told me that my backup DVD is probably not bootable . I don't have the original DVD now. Is there a way to make my backup DVD bootable ? I am on win XP now and have no access to Linux tools :(

TIA, Akeshi

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If you know your Red Hat Network support account and password, you can get the media from there.

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If you don't need the exact RedHat install, you can use CentOS instead, and replace the contents of /etc/redhat-release file with the official redhat string.

If not, contact RH support and get a new download from them.

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There are 2 possibilities here, either:

1) You are a paying Redhat customer in which case you can login to the Redhat website and just download the ISO image(s) again

2) You're not a paying Redhat customer in which case you should head over to and download the Centos ISO images (Centos is a free, as-close-as-possible, clone of Redhat Enterprise Linux built from the same source packages)

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This is a best dvd backup software for you to backup dvd movies whenever and whatever you want.

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