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We would like to backup the AIX 5.3 IntelliStation at our company. Unfortunately it does not have a tapedrive nor a DVD-Writer. It only has a DVD-ROM drive.

The idea is to mount a directory via NFS and to create an ISO image there. Afterwards We would use a different machine to create a bootable DVD from the ISO image.

How can this be done? I have tried the mkdvd command from a smitty terminal, but it seems that mkdvd does not accept a filename, e.g. /nfsmount/aixbackup/system-image.iso.

Any help on this is very appreciated!

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Mkdvd can be used for this.
It will take the rootvg (or a backup made with mksysb) and will write it on the specified device.

To create a bootable dvd, you can simply use the following:

mkdvd -d /dev/cd1

You should have a look at mkdvd, mksysb and savevg documentation before doing anything nasty on your server..

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meanwhile I found out how to create a bootable DVD .iso image.


unset LC_ALL

# note: I have unmounted /home before creating the iso image. Otherwise I would need multiple DVDs

# note: I have mounted an NFS directory below /volumes/aixsav

# create some needed subdirectories
for i in mksysb_target tmp iso mkcd; do
       test -d $extdir/$i || mkdir $extdir/$i || exit 1

# finally: create the .iso image.
/usr/sbin/mkdvd -M $extdir/mksysb_target -C $extdir/tmp -I $extdir/iso -S

This needs some time. But after all I had my image in the iso subdirectory. I went to another machine and burned the image to a DVD (under linux).

For testing I have shut down the AIX machine and replaced the existing harddisk with a another empty one. Then I booted up and followed the onscreen instruction for restoring from DVD.

Everything went fine. Even the Usernames/Passwords, Hostname, IP-Address everything was like on the original harddrive!

a final note: be patient! creating the Image and booting from the DVD will need some time. Just lay back and wait ...

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