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I would like to know if there is some software (preferentially free) to accomplish that kind of features:

  • Restrict access to some websites
  • Reduce bandwidth for some websites (like youtube, etc) or services (like P2P)
  • Manage bandwidth between users (like user1:60% - user2:20% - user3:10%)

There is that kind of software?

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pfsense (http://www.pfsense.com/) and squidguard would do what you are looking for.

It's not just software though - it would require setting up a gateway box for the group of users you are trying to control. Setting it up with pfsense is fairly simple though, and IIRC it does have a squidguard package that is installable through the front end.

Not quite windows-network, however... :)

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You can use ebox-platform, it has some nice features to control bandwidth and quality of service.

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