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I have the following setup. I have a Windows XP and Linux system, which are connected to each other directly through cable and not connected to any other network. I have hosted a VMWare with CentOS on XP System. Now I want to assign a static IP to the VMWare, so that I can share the files between the standlone Linux and VMWare CentOS i.e hosted on the XP System.

How can I acheive this setup?

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What VMWare product are you using? VMWare server, Player, Workstation? – MDMarra Oct 18 '09 at 23:57
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In the VMWare guest configuration, use a bridged mode networking adapter. In the Linux Guest, assign a static IP in the same network as the two crossover-connected hosts. You should now have ping connectivity between all hosts.

Once that's done, read up on either using NFS (for linux-to-linux filesharing), or Samba (for everything-to-linux filesharing).

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+1 Nice answer. NFS is the route I went in this situation, with a little tuning and tweaking I managed to get respectable performance from it. – Xorlev Oct 18 '09 at 23:18

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