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I want if there is a way or option to restrict accessing to webadmin panel (like i want someone with certian IP can logIN into webadmin and blockings anyone else) .

BTW i'm using version icewarp merak 9.4.2 on RedHAT 5.3

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I don't WTF this "icewarp merak" thing is (Google suggests it's a mail server), but it should have the ability to restrict access to a particular URL to a specific IP (or range of IPs). If it doesn't, you can either get a real web server, or proxy access to the webadmin panel through a real web server. Given that this thing looks like it's proprietary software, why not ask the vendor for the support you're (presumably) paying for?

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I second the apache / other web server proxy idea – Josh Oct 27 '09 at 12:51

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