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Vista had this reliability monitor tool Jeff talked about on coding horror but now in Windows 7 there is something called reliability monitor that is different and stupid. How do you get the good one back?

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Open the Start Menu, right click on Computer, and select "Manage".

Under "System Tools" click "Performance". That page will display a list of performance counters, as well as a link to the "Resource Monitor". This contains the exact same information as what you linked from the coding horror post, in a slightly different layout.

alt text

The Reliability Monitor is something completely different, which tracks system events in a graphical format on your PC. This can easily be accessed by clicking Start, and typing reliability, then click "View Reliability History" when it appears.

alt text

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In what way is the Windows 7 one different and stupid? Have you had a look at Resource Monitor in Windows 7 I think that might be what you are looking for.

I haven't used Vista for years but they may have separated Reliability Monitor from Resource Monitor in Win 7.

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The Windows 7 version also has a few spiffs over the Vista version, such as Total B/s when sorting on the Disk access, as opposed to just having the Read and Write totals in Vista.

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