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Following someone's procedure I ran my RedHat Ensim server through maintenance mode.

/etc/init.d/epld restart

Something went wrong and now some services (crond, epld) don't start on startup.

When trying exit_post_maintenance I get:

Maintenance State is : 4

My question is what is this maintenance mode about? Where can I find documentation on this.

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It has been 4 years since I've used Ensim, but I do recall often running into problems when doing upgrades. I think the general procedure to fix it is to check


And find the site that is having issues. Sometimes it was a site over quota, but sometimes other problems would pop up. Then edit the site:

EditVirtDomain -f siteXX

Where XX is the site that had problems upgrading originally. After successfully editing the site(s), you should be able to restart and exit out of Maintenance mode on the server.

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