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Does anyone know how to configure Gizmo5 for use on an Asterisk PBX? Specifically Trixbox if possible.

For the life of me I just can't get this to work...

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So it looks as if you're trying to use Gizmo's Dual Login feature, which is a little different from just hooking up your Gizmo account to asterisk. From what I can see, Dual Login allows you to login to both Gizmo and another SIP provider/PBX at the same time.

Where are you running into a problem?

First question: are you using trixbox CE or trixbox Pro?

Second: can you register the Gizmo softphone to your PBX or not?

When I just tried, it registered instantly to my preconfigured softphone account. I entered:

  • Server, The server's hostname

  • Account name, the context for the peer you're trying to register to. You're going to need one extension for every user. In sip.conf or one of the sip_*.conf files, this would be the [peer] name for the extension.

  • Password, shown in sip.conf as "secret=****"

Can we get the asterisk logs when you try to register using Gizmo? Make sure you've enabled verbose logging in /etc/asterisk/logging.conf first.

One thing I noticed is that the registration attempt actually comes from Gizmo's SIP server, not my client's IP address. Could you be blocking based on IP?

Third: can you register other softphones successfully?

Fourth: if it's not registration, are you having problems with call routing, and if so, which way?

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Your comment about the registrations coming from Gizmo's SIP server helped me troubleshoot the issue. Trixbox wasn't correctly updating the public IP. Thanks! – Ivan May 28 '09 at 22:18

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